At Mellon AI we endeavor to break the iron triangle of healthcare i.e Cost, Quality and Access with cutting edge technologies
like Artificial Intelligence,Machine learning, Internet of Things and Block chain technology

COVID-19 Products

My vitals is a cutting edge Point of care technology developed to screen the critical parameters such as oxygen saturation, temperature and pulse rate.The inbuilt Ultra violet sterilisation makes my vitals a safe device for multiple usage.It is a reliable and inexpensive device to capture all parameters in one go....For Brochures

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Having dilemma about giving accurate treatment estimate to your patients?

Fair bill aids you in giving near accurate cost estimate to your patients and thereby enhances the trust on the hospital

Are you lacking in qualified dietician in your Hospital ?

Surediet an Ai enabled Diet module will help you in preparing a customised diet plan and thereby helps in speedy recovery of all your patients

Do you know the quality of healthcare can be increased by measuring user satisfaction ?

CapEmo the Artificial Intelligence camera helps in measuring the satisfaction level of customers by capturing their emotions .It also helps also in identifying deficiencies in the services offered and thereby correcting the same.

"A Passionate team of medical doctors,technocrats and research scholars that are zealous to address your complex business challenge(s)"

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Computer Vision

We provide Computer vision Api to hardware solutions, which can be used for video surveillance, attendance capture & number plate recognition

Machine Learning

Our Prediction algorithm and reinforcement learning techniques has helped in increasing the revenues of many industries


We offer customised chatbot in all vernacular language to increase the service level interaction


Our PoseNet technology can be used in multiple use cases like Yoga, Physiotherapy, clinically for assessing range of movements, gait abnormality, behavioural analysis and sports medicine

IOT & Edge AI

Our wide range of IoT solutions from sensors to optics is integrated with Edge technology (GPU enabled IoT’s )

Audio analytics

Our state of art ‘Mellon Lab’ has developed indigenous virtual assistant AI technology for industry specific usage. It helps in       man power optimisation and provides 24*7 assistance


Our Block Chain technology helps in bringing value addition to e-Governance like improving transparency & accountability, building trust with citizen, speed up the transactions, protecting sensitive data and overall increase the operational efficiency

Data architecture & Insights

We create, centralised, collaborative and futuristic custom made data architecture for your organization to enable data driven decision making

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Mellon AI, the Artificial intelligence company was created by doctors and technocrats to address the growing needs of AI technology in the industry.Mellon AI endeavours to break the iron triangle of healthcare i.e Cost, Quality and Access with cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of Things and Block chain technology

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Dr.Masood Ikram

Managing Director at Mellon Ai

Sajjad Malang

Pragmatic manager

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